A brief bio of Thomas Scofield

I am a teacher and mathematician, who loves beautiful music and history. I like to dabble in singing, guitar, piano, house projects, sports, exercise. The most important thing about me is that, although I do so haltingly and poorly most of the time, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and the traditional teachings of his Church concerning our place in the Cosmos, our fallenness, Jesus' dual nature as God and man, the stories of his life, death and resurrection and the salvation from our slavery to sin that is possible as a result of them.

I teach at Calvin College, a private Christian college in Grand Rapids, MI, where I am a member of the Department of Mathematics and Statitics. I have taught many specific courses over the near 20 years I have been at Calvin. Mine is not a career distinguished by great academic leadership, nor by a body of scholarship in any field. I have focused primarily on teaching and learning. Students can expect these things from me in courses I teach:

  • I will know quite well the course material I am teaching.
  • I will provide experiences—readings, classroom activities, classroom instruction, homework—intended to help in the learning of course material.
  • I enjoy learning new things and, even in the subject I am teaching, there are questions students can and will generate which we will need to investigate together to learn their answers. I welcome the challenge.
  • I may take different approaches to teaching on different days, and I expect student attendance and participation. No approach works for every student. Having some lingering questions isn't so bad if you both view what goes on in class as a conversation starter, and take the initiative to complete the conversation with me later.

Current and recent courses I am teaching at Calvin:

  • STAT 145 (biostatistics)
  • MATH 231 (differential equations with linear algebra)

Teaching and Learning

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